The municipality of North Kynouria covers the western part of the Province of Arcadia County with the same name.

What the visitor of our region can surely notice is the succession of mountainous and field areas, a harmonious combination of mountain and sea view, the succession of the blue and green colors, as well as the fact of a great natural beauty offering unique experiences and relaxation opportunities.

The villages in the plains of our municipality are laying harmonically in the olive-groves, touching the eternal blue of the Argolic gulf limpid water; though, the mountain villages spread among the green chestnuts, firs and pines, tracing strokes of indelible plasticity on the sublime and hospitable Parnon.

Parnon, being the biggest mountain range of Peloponnese, leads from the center, that is the Tripoli plateau, to Cavo-Malias, dividing the areas of Arcadia and Laconia. Its length is about 70 kms and its highest summit, Big Tourla, which is situated between Ag. Petros and Kastanitsa, reaches 1 936 meters above the sea level.

The seaside vacation centers, Paralion Astros, Xiropigado, Portes Meligous, Vervena Coast and Ag. Andreas Coast, as well as the beautiful mountainous traditional villages, being under state protection, Ag.Petros, Ayiannis, Doliana, Vervena, Kastanitsa, Kastri, Platanos and Prastos, offer even to the most hard to please visitor a great number of satisfying alternatives.

The amazingly beautiful beaches of the area are limpid and ideal for swimming; likewise the switchback ways are a great alternative solution for those who prefer to get with the forest and its relaxing calmness.